Serving the Auto Ancillary Sector

A catering business should have a fixture that enables its clients to avail all services without any hassles. Shiv Ganga Caterers has emerged as a pioneer in creating these fixtures and has assisted many companies through its array of services in feeding good food to their employees. With regard to the auto ancillary sector, we have been smart, effective, and to-the-point in delivering industry best catering services to the companies.

Auto Ancillary is a sector where there is a requirement for attention to details in all work that they do. Naturally, being an engineering oriented domain, there are various administration factors that can be overlooked at times. It is in these areas that Shiv Ganga Caterers has shown in expertise in planning the catering and food delivery process to all employees, workers, and staff members of the companies in this sector, across the city of Nashik.

In line with the customized requirements of the companies, we have provided our integrated kitchen and satellite kitchen services. For companies where we could establish a kitchen facility, our team is fully functional in preparing and serving meals to the staff on a regular basis, with focus on optimum food and service quality. In companies where an in-house kitchen facility was not possible, we have deployed the workforce in our satellite kitchen unit, which takes care of the meal preparation and delivery of food as per agreed timelines.

All in all, Shiv Ganga has achieved significant success in serving the requirements of the auto ancillary sector!