Serving the Automobile Sector

The purpose of a catering business is to serve healthy food. Shiv Ganga Caterers has been the leading corporate catering services provider for various industrial sectors for the last many years. Speaking about the automobile sector, we have efficiently relayed our top-of-the-line integrated kitchen and satellite kitchen offerings to serve it.

Automobile is a sector where the management of the company is completely busy with the manufacturing and engineering processes that are ongoing on a day-to-day basis. Although administration is an important part of the company’s agenda, the resources required for the same were not available. Shiv Ganga Caterers saw this as an opportunity and pitched in to provide its services.

Through our initial discussions with the senior level managers, we gathered the food provision requirements of the sector. Being huge industries, the count of workers, staff members, and management executives put together was more than 2500, working in various shift duties according to the company’s needs. Right after the initial research and requirement collation stage, Shiv Ganga has maintained its focus on serving good meals all day along to all personnel!

As of date, Shiv Ganga has been successful in serving all needs of the automobile sector!