Company Leaders

Mr. Gangadhar Amin

Founding Chairman

The brain behind Shiv Ganga, Mr. Gangadhar Amin, is the Founding Chairman of the company and it is his vision that is being carried further for the last 4 decades. A simple, humble, and soft-spoken man, emerging from Mangalore in India, Mr. Gangadhar Amin is one of the most successful businessperson in the city, since the time Nashik started developing into a larger and more populous place. It is often said that humble beginnings lead to great achievements, and this is made true by Mr. Gangadhar Amin, through his tireless efforts of more than 40 years. A visionary leader, with a lion’s share in the standing of SGC on today’s date, Mr. Amin is known for the ease with which he has gives direction to the company’s operations. All along the path, he has been the guiding light of Shiv Ganga, and has constantly supported the organization to take the road towards growth, year after year. Reviewing and amending company's policies and procedures, ensuring their proper implementation, resolving complex issues, and motivating staff to deliver superior performance, are some of the very few specialities that Mr. Amin has depicted in the long tenure. An expert advisor, analytical thinker, and considerate manager, Mr. Gangadhar Amin holds the distinction of being the pioneer leader of Shiv Ganga, and shall always inspire each and every employee to give their best efforts to deliver customer satisfaction.

Mr. Pravesh Amin

Managing Director

The dynamic, energetic, and self-motivated Managing Director of Shiv Ganga, Mr. Pravesh Amin, is the company’s bankable asset! Moving ahead on the vision set up by Mr. Gangadhar Amin, the MD of Shiv Ganga has always taken pride in expanding business through planned, structured, and organized efforts. Since his joining in the mid-2000s, Mr. Pravesh Amin has been spearheading multiple functions of the company, including all its lines of service, catering teams, service delivery teams, client contracts, company facilities and much more. The new generation executive that he is, has made it possible to bring about a revolution in the way Shiv Ganga operates, based on his in-depth process re-engineering knowledge. A management post-graduate, with ample exposure to strategize sales & marketing, develop high impact growth plans, and regularize operations, Mr. Pravesh Amin is the source of strength for all cross-functional teams at SGC and its facilities. A forward-looking businessman, he is resourceful, creative, organized, and effective in improving existing systems and processes at SGC. With valuable insights, keen analysis and team approach to implement best practices, he has been successful in adding stability and growth to the established framework of the company.