Early Days

Starting a business from scratch is like raising a child from the time it is born; it involves effective future planning, taking care of day-to-day needs and prompt resolution of problems that arise. It is a proven fact that ‘Any new business venture is the owner’s idea of his or her ideal workplace’! This is exactly how Shiv Ganga came into existence, commencing operations in the year 1973, based on the robust vision of one man, our Founding Chairman Mr. Gangadhar Amin, our guiding light.

There was no official business launch (which has become the trend in this ongoing century) to mark our arrival. Shiv Ganga was launched without any special mega event with drum rolls and media coverage, where several people attend. It sure is a useful PR Strategy in today’s world, but things were pretty much different back then. Our story has a humble beginning; being novice in the field of business, we set out to reach heights on the path shown to us, by our Founding Chairperson.

Going around 4 decades back in time, Nashik city was not as developed and abundant as it is today. The resources were meager, and the future did not have a definitive shape. In such times, the plinth for the establishment of a trusted catering service provider in Nashik was laid through the incorporation of Shiv Ganga Caterers Pvt Ltd (SGC) in the year 1977. We would take those rare catering orders that came our way, during that period, and focused on delivering quality food and service to our customers. It was not much of a start but we continued by just about covering our overheads.

Our first major break was the canteen contract that we signed in Nashik, with Perfect Circle India Limited (PICL), a reputed engineering company in the Satpur MIDC area. For an emerging catering business in Nashik as ours, the PICL Canteen worked as a platform to announce our rising to the world. Over the years, we planned, standardized, and regularized the canteen’s operations with the smart efforts of our team, and were successful in satisfying both, the hunger as well as the taste buds of the factory’s workers, officers, managers, and other staff members.

We look back and thank PICL for showing their trust in our ability to serve good food, and proudly acknowledge their contribution as ‘pilot customers’ in enabling us to commence our journey to transform from being ‘a start-up catering company’ to ‘an established corporate catering leader in Nashik’. They were candid in sharing constructive feedback, and we were obedient in improving the canteen service based on the same, with every passing day. The contract with PICL helped us develop a culture of customer satisfaction in the company.

The initial years of Shiv Ganga will always function as a practical reference guide because it is was the late 1970s and early 1980s when we found the recipe for success in the catering business domain!