Event Catering

‘Good Food’ acts as a simple yet effective platform for people to connect more and collaborate with one another during events, then be it corporate parties, wedding receptions, birthdays, anniversaries, or anything else that you can think of! While this is the case, hiring a reputed professional Event Catering Firm is important to the success of that particular event. We know that, and in our Corporate and Social Event Catering services are placed in accordance with the emerging requirements of the market. Do not look any further now, as your search for that coveted event caterer ends here!

Shiv Ganga Caterers (SGC) is an established and trusted brand in the social and industrial circles of the city when it comes to planning, managing, and executing first hand catering contracts for all sorts of events. We cover all aspects of your event’s refreshment section through the application of our expertise in full-fledged meal menu planning, on-site / off-site food preparation, and meal serving. With SGC handling your catering order, you are free to interact, communicate, and attend to your guests. Your catering orders are prepared in fully insured premises with every team member having practical knowledge about national, food production, and safety methods.

Some of the key advantages of deploying our event catering service are mentioned below:

Whether you select us as social event caterers, or corporate event caterers, we have integrated menu planning as the primary step in processing your respective order. We discuss your needs, add in our suggestions, and finalize the menu for your event only after you approve it!

We can prepare the choicest of cuisines from across India and the globe, based on your requirements. Our team of chefs is passionate about cooking Indian, Chinese, Continental, and a lot more, and is recognized for sharing delight with our customers for the last so many years.
We render event catering services with speciality in preparing breakfast, brunch, lunch, high tea, casual snacks, and reception dinner, as per the schedule of your event. You have the liberty to choose any or all of these meals for your event, and we will take care of customizing your order.
You will be provided with a professionally trained and highly experienced team of cross-functional service personnel. Along with, our Event Supervisor and Operations Manager will act as your points of contact for queries, questions, complaints, or escalations (if any).
We believe in maintaining our catering service clean, neat, and upto the mark at all times. We ensure that the cooking facility and service environment is clean before commencement of our work, and even after the completion of your order. ‘Spick and Span’ is the theme of our operations!
Over the years, we have developed a high caliber team, which has hands-on skills in handling the smallest of aspects in catering. We have adopted industry best standard quality practices for the preparation of food, delivery of service, and maintenance of contract terms, for all our clients.

You are only required to provide us with the number of guests that would be coming to your event. We shall then discuss and finalize the menu plan with you, post which, the contract terms will be defined and mutually agreed upon by both parties. You can then leave it to us to deliver smart and sound professional catering services for your event! Kindly get in touch with us to know more about our corporate catering services. You may also email us and request for a formal quote from our sales team.