Event Management

With the emergence of new trends at an exponential pace, the requirements of the market keep changing. In an effort to meet these requirements, Shiv Ganga has transformed from being a corporate catering services company, to being an event catering and event management firm as well. We live to serve you and your events by allowing the insights of our professional event management team to take control of your customized requirements, and put up a spectacular show.

A full-service event organization company, Shiv Ganga focuses on rendering optimum service quality to its clients. We follow a systematic event management process, which ensures that all possible factors and aspects of the event are planned, considered, and handled. Shiv Ganga manages events just as a project is initiated starting with the initial phase of planning and scheduling, followed by resource allocation, actual execution, and post-implementation support.

Some of the key features of deploying our event management service are mentioned below:

Whether you select us as social event caterers, or corporate event caterers, we have integrated menu planning as the primary step in processing your respective order. We discuss your needs, add in our suggestions, and finalize the menu for your event only after you approve it!

We treat your event as our very own! Shiv Ganga’s expert team works on chalking out a detailed plan for the event, and strategizes the flow of all operations and functions involved in making it a grand success.
If you are worried that venue booking would be a headache, we would like to assure you that it is! But, with the help of Shiv Ganga and its collaborating partners, you are also assured of a state-of-the-art venue for the organization of your event, just the way you require it!
As you may know, and rightly so, managing the travel plans and arranging for local transport is hectic. However, when your events are in our hand, rest assured that all back and forth logistics are handled with utmost care and efficiency, with special attention to keep your guests happy.
Getting the venue event-ready is another thing, and getting the event venue-ready is another! We shall help you achieve both these objectives by aligning the production of your events by conceptualizing the stage setup, handling seating arrangements, coordinating light and sound etc.
A leading event catering service provider, we need not say anything more of our hands-on practice in preparing and serving delightful dishes. Your guests are in for a tantalizing food affair as we look forward to present the choicest of cuisine for them according to the requirement of your events.
Shiv Ganga is an ethical event management company, which believes in providing high impact service to your guests / visitors. In relevancy of the event, we make sure to represent you in the way that you yourself would! Service is our prime motive, rest everything comes second!

Over the years, we have developed a high calibre team, which has hands-on skills in handling the smallest of aspects in catering. We have adopted industry best standard quality practices for the preparation of food, delivery of service, and maintenance of contract terms, for all our clients.

Shiv Ganga is always keen on handling multiple event management orders encompassing corporate events, conferences, seminars, dinner parties, high tea discussion, product launches and much more. You may use our contact form to get in touch with us and share your requirements.