Futuristic Vision

SGC is a forward thinking organization and has come a long way on its journey to be recognized as the leading catering services provider in Nashik. We remember our roots, harness our values, and maintain our strong will to keep up our excellence in what we do best – serving customers! For us, every day is a new beginning to prove our worth in the market, by practicing the basics where we came from. The cross functional and growth oriented culture that the company works in, gives us the motivation to progress further as a wholesome business enterprise.

Based on our strong ethics and service controls, we have been able to define our futuristic vision for the company in a unique manner as below:

Our strategic business goals are aligned with our operational plans for acquiring new business at any point of time. The vision put forth by the senior leadership team of the company focuses on the exponential development of business across other cities and towns. We would constantly look to market our prime portfolio of services to potential corporate customers. Having served the automobile, auto ancillary, engineering, and pharmaceutical sectors thus far, we are keen on taking our services to meet the customized needs of other sectors as well.

Our focus for the short, mid, and long term future of the company is proportional to the way we handle the food we have on our plate currently. At present, SGC has a major clientele base of 13 corporate / industrial customers and we deem on retaining all of these reputed players through the implementation of a solid key account management methodology. The process setting required for this function is already in motion, and in the upcoming times, we are certain of achieving substantial success in delivering these objectives.
Of all that SGC has learnt as a catering organization, ‘improving customer service on a constant basis’ is the most vital lesson. Our teams are prepared and working towards the delivery of efficient, seamless, and fulfilling services to all our current customers, while sustaining a similar vision for future ones. We look forward to continue the deployment of our on-going efforts for client feedback recording and complaints trend analysis, which builds us as a customer friendly professional catering unit in times to come.
The direction in which SGC has been moving for the past few decades has urged us to innovate and initiate new service lines besides the existing portfolio that we have mastered. The senior leadership at SGC proactively works towards the expansion of business by strategizing novice service packages that are in accordance with well researched market insights. Broadening the service group is one of the key pillars of the company’s futuristic approach.
SGC believes in adapting to the latest technologies that make their way to the shelves. Integrating innovative technologies, kitchen equipment, and much more is a mission critical program initiated by the management. The planning, implementation, and delivery of technology upgradation projects forms a key part of our idea to progress.

Plans are more extensive on paper, but to present briefly, this is our futuristic vision for the company!