Integrated Kitchen

In Napoleon’s conquest of Russia, the French Army lost its step when the winter set in and the availability of good food kept depleting day by day. Perhaps, a professional catering service at the time might have changed the geography of the world we live in today! This case is analogous to the corporate and industrial setting of today’s dynamic times. Every business day is a battle in itself, and you need your resources to be consistently delivering high levels of productivity. The fact remains: ‘Well cooked food’ is directly proportional to the functioning of your workforce!

Shiv Ganga Caterers (SGC) realized this long ago and promptly acted to rollout Integrated Kitchen and Dining, a professional service offering for corporate clients across multiple sectors. As part of the service, we follow a sophisticated, systematic, and coordinated process to prepare and serve meals for your workers, within your company’s boundaries. We cater to your customized in-house catering requirements on a daily routine basis to strengthen and motivate the entire workforce by taking care of their health as well as their taste buds. Over the years, several business units and factories have achieved optimum results by choosing us as their in-house catering partner.

Some of the key advantages of deploying our integrated kitchen service are mentioned below:

The cooking facility will be established within your company in the agreed upon working space that you provide us with. It would provide you with an on-the-go catering service, significantly saving the time and efforts of your workers and staff members.

We will stay aligned with the requirements of your company, and shall provide you with end-to-end support in bulk serving food to workers, officers, and other staff members, with focus on coordinating breakfast, lunch, and dinner schedules.
You would not have to look beyond for another catering service contractor in case there are any major events in the company. Our team can handle and deliver such special orders efficiently, with our integrated kitchen in your company as the base.
We take pride in making food for all, and have planned, developed, and implemented a set of standard operating procedures to execute kitchen operations. Stringent company policies and internal controls govern all our processes, at every point of time.
A dedicated team of trained chefs, assistants, and service staff is provided to take care of your daily catering needs. The Department Supervisor monitors the kitchen and service workflow, and the Operations Manager functions as the central point of contact.
We are committed to deliver high class catering services to your company, and are ever focused on transforming meals into a delightful experience. Rest assured about the quality aspect of our integrated kitchen and dining service!

You are only required to provide us with the number of employees in your company, and an adequate working space to set up our kitchen and service controls. You can then leave it to us! Kindly get in touch with us to know more about our corporate catering services. You may also email us and request for a formal quote from our sales team.