Serving the Pharmaceutical Sector

Catering is not only a service but also a passion for us. Shiv Ganga Caterers has always believed in this notion, and has continued to serve various corporate companies across several industrial sector. While we have been keen on expanding our portfolio, we have always made sure that our existing clients are catered to with the best of offerings.

The pharmaceutical sector in Nashik his a major employer, providing working opportunities to thousands of individuals. The multi-national companies in this sector have created their impact on the global map and Shiv Ganga is a proud catering partner of many of these organizations. Not only are these companies very particular about their work schedules, but they are also managed in an efficient manner. Employee welfare has been their major focus area for all these years.

Shiv Ganga saw an opportunity to pitch its integrated kitchen, satellite kitchen, and corporate catering services to the pharmaceutical sector. We approached few companies and we were approached by another few. Requirements were discussed, contracts were finalized, and we continue to deliver our expert services. Our team works in close coordination with the management, cooks meals for around 2000 employees, and serves high quality food.

The pharmaceutical sector is a major part of our portfolio of clients.