Highway Restaurant

With the development of Nashik as an expanding city, the Mumbai-Agra highway is the preferred road for travelers from various adjacent cities, as well as for people who live in the adjoining areas. Citing these opportunity, the establishment of our very own ‘Highway Restaurant’ is a core part of Shiv Ganga’s business strategy. Shiv Sagar Restaurant, a multi-cuisine hotel located on the Mumbai-Agra Highway, is an addition to our portfolio of services and has been in operation since 2007. With a three-storied building to itself, Shiv Sagar stands as a unique restaurant, which you would not find elsewhere on highways.

Some of the key features of our highway restaurant are mentioned below:

The restaurant is located on the Mumbai Agra National Highway, enabling an easy route to reach once you arrive in Nashik. If you are traveling from Mumbai, it falls on the left hand side highway. From the inside, Shiv Sagar is reachable through the connecting road from Symbiosis that leads to the main highway road.

Shiv Sagar offers a wide variety of cuisine to satisfy your taste buds. Ranging from South Indian, to Maharashtrian, Punjabi, Chinese, and Fast Food, we have a ready-to-act team of chefs at your disposal. You are only required to arrive, select, order, and enjoy your meal!
Our restaurant is self-drive in serving you fresh and healthy food for breakfast, brunch, lunch, high tea, snack time, and dinner, as per your choice of cuisine. You are welcome to have a quick bite or a luxurious meal any time of the day.
We have a dedicated floor in the restaurant building that serves our Grand Thali. Your lunch and dinner is made blissful by our highly praised grand thali, which comes with a promise of high-class service.
On a separate floor in the restaurant building, we have developed a family dining room, which is available for reservation all through the year. You can enjoy scrumptious food in the company of your loved ones in this particular facility that we offer.

Do give us a visit soon…we are here to welcome you all through the year!