Satellite Kitchen

When it comes to preparing food on an industrial scale, there are few critical health, safety, and environment norms that have to be adhered to in the process. As far as providing our integrated kitchen services is concerned, we have always ensured that the company or industry with whom we are collaborating has scope for us to fulfil the defined safety parameters. While continuing with this exercise, we soon inferred that a lot of companies, industries, and business units have allocated most of the place for their own operations, and as a result, it would not be possible to set up a kitchen and work safely within the environs of the company.

Shiv Ganga Caterers (SGC) has introduced Satellite Kitchen and Delivery Service as a flagship solution offering for all types of industries, regardless of the scope for an in-house catering facility with them. Independent of the integrated kitchen service, our innovative satellite kitchen operates from a centralized location in the city, and is equipped with a top-notch kitchen setting. The process we follow when you take up our Satellite Kitchen & Delivery Service involves the preparation of meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea / coffee & snacks) for your workers, staff members etc, followed by on-time delivery of these meals at your office / factory locations.

Some of the key advantages of deploying our satellite kitchen service are mentioned below:

Since the kitchen operations are taken care of at our facility, you would not have to worry about anything. We have endeavoured and succeeded in pleasing the tastes of many so far, and would tirelessly continue doing so.

Our Satellite Kitchen is operational 24 X 7, and caters to customized orders / requirements provided by every business unit that it serves. The operations of this kitchen are carried out either in a shift wise or in a meal wise fashion, depending on the delivery schedules.
We have allocated a transport vehicle and service team for every business unit that is catered to under our Satellite Kitchen services. This eases out things for you as the delivery coordination efforts of your Admin / HR are virtually zero, saving a lot of time by a good long mile.
Along with dedicated teams, we also have an assigned Unit Supervisor, who ensures that meals are prepared and delivered on time to their respective business units / companies. The Supervisor coordinates all operations smoothly by providing constant guidance and motivation to his team.
A critical benefit for you as clients is the fact that we have appointed an Operations Manager for the Satellite Kitchen Service, who would act as your point of escalation in case there are any complaints with regard to the meals served. Rest assured of prompt action and problem resolution!
We stand by an unbreakable quality promise! We stand by our accountability to ensure optimum quality of food, promptness of delivery, and efficiency of all activities involved in creating a pleasant meal experience for your workers and staff members, keeping them happy and motivated.

You are only required to provide us with the number of employees in your company, and a purchase order to take up our Satellite Kitchen and Delivery Service. You can then leave it to us! Kindly get in touch with us to know more about our corporate catering services. You may also email us and request for a formal quote from our sales team.