A Successful Journey

With a belief in the thought that, ‘The spirit of success lies in the journey towards it’, Shiv Ganga Caterers Pvt Ltd set out to reach a leadership position in the market. A gear turned another gear, and gradually our business was on its way towards expansion. From initially being corporate canteen vendors on a small scale, we have instigated several business lines in our portfolio of services. As of today, Shiv Ganga is recognized for rendering distinct professional, reliable, and start-to-end services. The interesting timeline of our journey is mapped below…

The first industrial canteen that we managed was the PICL Canteen and it provided a boost to our company, as we signed canteen management contracts with several other engineering units in Nashik. With time, we defined the standards for preparing and serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner at client sites on a regular basis in the acquired kitchen and seating space from respective companies. We structured seamless systems and policies, and re-branded canteen management as our flagship ‘Integrated Kitchen & Dining Service’. At present, our Integrated Kitchen & Dining service is installed at 7 business units in Nashik.

During the course of these years, we received multiple offers to install our Integrated Kitchen & Dining Services for several units, but many of these companies were not in a position to provide working space for our team either from the safety point of view or because of shortage of space. This is when we came up with the concept of Satellite Kitchen & Delivery. We established a Central Kitchen facility in the year 2005, which enabled us to prepare breakfast, lunch, and dinner for such companies, and deliver it to their factory / workplace. At present, we have a portfolio of 6 business units that have taken up our regular Satellite Kitchen & Delivery Service.

The scenario in Nashik city has changed in a great way and Shiv Ganga decided to exploit the favorable market conditions. With the population of the city increasing, individuals, shop owners, small businesses, and large companies would organize functions to develop interaction with masses. This is where our corporate catering and event catering services came into picture. Along the road, we have evolved into a full service catering contract agency, with an extensive experience of successfully completing close to 100 event catering orders.

While serving scrumptious food to patrons, we realized that just like food is our prime area of service, a supporting business venture would not be bad. Based on researched requirements of people coming to Nashik city for various purposes, we established our ‘Corporate Hospitality Services’, keeping our focus on renting state of the art standard, executive, deluxe, and family rooms at our Corporate Guest House in Ambad, Nashik. Established in the year 2006, our concept has gained good pace, and as of today, we receive bookings all round the year with almost 100% occupancy on most days.

Our thoughts propelled us to think in a skyward direction after the success of our catering and luxury living services, and we went on to develop a completely different service. In the year 2007, Shiv Ganga launched Hotel Shiv Sagar, a ‘Highway Restaurant’ on the Mumbai-Agra Road, with a totally unique concept of operations. We have a dedicated floor for breakfast and brunch, and a separate floor for guests who would like to go for our ‘Grand Thali’. Along with, we have a special ‘Royal Thali’ area in the 4-storied restaurant, where customers can plan and organize family lunch and dinner parties.

This is how we have grown through all these years, one step at a time. We have tried new things, have failed at times, but the entire has demonstrated constant hard work and sheer commitment in developing Shiv Ganga as an advanced catering service management and hospitality company. As much as we enjoy being the leading corporate catering house in Nashik, we continue to relish the ongoing process of our continuous evolution into a better enterprise.